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My son and I started playing Bridge in 2012 after reading the book The Card Turner. I've been playing in weekly competitive and social games ever since.

I've listed some of my favorite bridge books on the links page if you are interested in learning more.


My parents taught me to play Pinochle the summer before my sixth birthday. I have been playing for many years since, and I greatly enjoy this opportunity to share my version of Pinochle with you all.

There are many variations of this game. In fact, nearly every aspect of the game is played differently by somebody, somewhere. I call this version "My Family's Pinochle," or MFP for short. I have found Pinochle to be a wonderful game for playing in large groups, and it can be an excellent vehicle for social interaction if you play, as I do, not necessarily to win, but to have fun. I hope you also enjoy playing Pinochle.

Please write me with any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this document.

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